Monday, December 26, 2011

(4/4) all my wonderful readers :) I will be keeping up with all yalls beautiful blogs. Happy blogging *signed* Blogga Moma & Ellie :)
(3/4) archish full fledge. Might even have some styles of ellie to post def. Will have some hip swaggin styles and more kid friendly recipies.Hope to still have
(2/4) and great. Won't be blogging as much as for some personal reasons . Will post updates as much as can monthly & pictures .Hope to be back blogging round m
(1/4) Update!: Bumba is growing so fast her hair is growin even more. She's a ball of joy .In 3 mons she will be 1 so crazy. I hope everyone brings 2012 in safe

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Supa Giveaway !!!

So many things to win so awesome. Props, headbands you name it all here! GO CHECK IT OUT!
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Monday, December 12, 2011

HomeMade Baby Food Recipes -Giveaway!

Homemade baby food recipes is havin a awesome giveaway for thee mamas and babies! Up too $300 in prizes A only green care set ,vegan shoes ,diaper cake,gift set from renissance of health,prize pack from my tubberware & set from jordan essentials!!!Woe! I know awesome....:)
Christmas Giveaway Gifts for Mom and Baby! Visit

Monday Money Saverz!

Long time yes I know but,, Finally saving that caught my eye Acme if one near you has the Huggies Santa diapers 9.99 & theres also a 2.00 coupon makes then 7.99 w/out acme card.

Marcs if theres one buy you HUGE deals on tys for lil ones great grabs!

Targets 1 Dollar Spot has great items for crafts cute holiday baggys ,cookie cutters ,decorations for cookies . Really check that out save you alot. Supa cute!

What Ellies been wear'n :Huggies Santa Diapers! REVIEW

So, Ellie has been trew alot of diapers mainly bc some work some dont and some brands break her out round the crease of her thighs.Ouchie! Shes had some packs of Huggies and each time they haven't broke her out at all. Huggies was also thee brand she came home in the winnie the pooh print. Must I say that they always have top notch designs to complement your lil ones everyday style :). No bad words on this brand for me but one thing for me is that sometimes when she wakes in the morning and I change her theres little beads. But, other than this def. would reccomment plus these Santa ones are stylin don't ya !think? Perfect for this holiday.

HUGGIES® Little Movers Santa Diapers provide seasonal style—without compromising on leak protection. They're shaped to fit babies on the go, and come with the proven leakage protection of the Huggies® Leak Lock® System.

The festive design of these Christmas diapers lets you spread holiday joy—and make your little one the coolest and cutest around
Specially shaped to fit
Flexes to keep up with babies as they move and play
Stretchy SnugFit® waistband and grip tabs for a secure fit
All HUGGIES ® Diapers come with the trusted leakage protection of the Leak Lock ® System which includes:
Absorbent layers to help pull in wetness and lock it away
Leak guards to help keep wetness in
Grip tabs and a SnugFit® waistband for a secure fit
HUGGIES® – Limited Edition Holiday Wipes
Features three festive designs to celebrate the holiday season
1 Pack = 64 ct Natural Care Fragrance Free Wipes
Huggies® Baby Wipes have a unique thick texture that allows you to grip, grab and absorb mess without any worries
They include no soap or alcohol, which means they are hypoallergenic and safe to use on your baby's soft, sensitive skin.

In no way was I asked or paid to do this review its soley my own thoughts and opinion.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oral B Stages I&II : Mommies Party

What are Mommy Parties?
Mommy Parties are fun and exciting, product-sponsored, in-home gatherings of moms. Every Mommy Party has a Host Mom who is an influencer in her community. The Host Mom invites a minimum of 10 of her friends to enjoy a party themed around your brand of product. It’s a great way to generate buzz among moms with peer-to-peer sharing and sampling of your products.

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The Kit Included:
• (11) Oral-B Stage I Brushes

• (11) Oral-B Stage II Brushes

• (11) Oral-B Stages Pastes

• (11) Bottles of Disney Lavender Wash

• Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Movie DVD

• Winne the Pooh Movie Playdate Invites

• Recipe & Activity Ideas

• Balloons

• Popcorn for guests

• Guest Gift Bags

To start off the Oral B product was introduced in a informative way. Then the kids was engaged into a flash card game provided by Oral B. Which they loved and the parents do so too. Followed by the Pooh movie was played such a lovely movie(One of my favs). Not only did the kids watch but parents too :) At our intermission in the middle of the movie kids and parents was served pooh pizza bagels and piglet yogurt cups. Also a lil' healthy eats red pepper humus and tortilla chips. Now for a lil' Mama chat So we talked have they tried it , do they like it, seen it questions in that area. And the kids what they liked about the movie. Most have heard of it but havent used it. Some just has never used it. My personal review of this product will be coming up soon ! Thumbs up I will say though. All the kids enjoyed ! As so the parents :) The tooth paste has a very invited scent yummy and the wash wonderful scent very pleasent the tooth brushed very soft to the touch. Even the colors was the cutest !!...All in all this was a well enjoyed product and I'm SURE these parents will go grab all of these with the awesome coupons they provided. ANDDD Also Jingle Bells ! Jingle Bells! Yup its here christmas Mamas heads up these are great stocking stuffers! Oh ya! ...
Special thanks to Oral B and Mom Select : Mommy Parties !!!!

Click Below to access Oral B stages website on the product

Monday, December 5, 2011

Walkin Away .. :)

So Bumba started to let go yesterday and take her first couple of steps a little wobbly but, she did it! Shes not quite just troopin it out yet she still gets to the floor and crawls and walks around things to get around but she does let go takes 4 to 6 steps so shes on her way to being free all. I better watch out. I've so noticed that shes a tad advanced in a way does things somewhat early but some things she did later like rolling side to side. What I have noticed is she walks so much better bare foot no shoes. Some says shoes for support some say bare all and thats just what Bumba has choose. B>A>R>E. Perfectly fine with us :) what ever is easier for her.
Happy Walking !

Sunday, December 4, 2011