Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today's Breakfast simple .. :)

 Eggs w/hint of fresh garlic and cilantro,Banana & Milk.Normally I just bake these babies up and add maybe tomatoe but today we splashed it with cliantro and garlic my two favorite! And theres nothing easier then some sliced up banana to start your morning. Ju choose milk the choice was fresh orange juice but all in all it worked and we all ate good :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Product update.Price&Use

All items pictures are soley My oh My Ellie's -Dont Copy
Now, Run down of the prices ---
Bee Mine -Reg pices with discount code
Shea Moisture-5.99 a piece with 15% off at counter yep you know it WALGREENS :)
Africas Best Castor Oil-1.99 sale Walmart
Jasons-99 cents Giant Eagle  SALE
Indian Hemp-1.35 Dollar General  SALE
Just For Me -2.00 sale w/coupon cept. Detangler reg. price
Used to style -Bee Mine Hair Milk to die for OMG love love love love love it little goes along way -EVCO been using for 3 months this brand still at top little goes a  very long way this rate we a have this for the year :) seriously

Detangle-Jasons is nice ,good smell ,ran out of the shea moisture & bee mine so in came this one,Just for me is really nice detangler i have found out and also nice to use as a spray and go yet shea moisture Rocks! Bee Mine Jams ! but, out of it tarter sauce ! :)

Hair out styles-I apply the Milk and seal with caster oil conditioner

Indian Hemp used only for scalp when dry (rarely) Castor Oil hair moisturizer (LOVE ) only been using for about 3 weeks big differnt. Just for Me Hair milk line been test 4 weeks on and off as quick go to's no complaints will keep them as go to's love the slip and how silky her hair is afterwards.

What we use on wash days Just for me my quickies. Bee Mine Conditioner usual and Shea Moisture Shampoo Normal used ones. Deep conditoner -Bee Mine  been using for about 6wks the 4oz and still half left AWESOME! SN: Must say I like the Just for Me shampoo more moisture wise but! Shea moistures cleans better and smells better.