Saturday, January 14, 2012

Whats New?

Ellie's front teeth has come in and she's been chomping away. Poor little gal got hit with a virus and has had some down time but she's def. Better. In general she's gitting bigger face is fuller she's also tryin to mumble select words. Hair wise growing well and. I've found a moisturizer for now. Outlooks this week catch target and old navy sale :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

(5/5) r takes sprout 6ms to 1 yr some 2yrs. Happy hair!
(4/5) gettin length and levelin out. Hair takes time to grow and needs loves and attention. To be healthy and retain growth. So far what I've. Seen infants hai
(3/5) rday 1.8.12 she can rock ponies all through her head about 10 total. Ekkkkk! :) this really is good growth most is sides and middle but by 2 it should be
(2/5) ense and now it twirls. So it flared.curled under now twirls :) the back has dramatically grown in back 2 mons ago you couldn't move that hair as of yeste
(1/5) BUMBAS HAIR! Ok so her hair is growing more and more. Big change from 2mons or so as of 6mons her first pony came alive. It flared out if that makes any s