Friday, October 12, 2012

Applegate Deli &Giveaway!

I was soo excited to recieve my Applegate package. I then did a little research and thought of what I could create with them. When I first heard about Natural Deli I was interested because well I love deli sandwhiches and so do my kids. Alot of the time they just eat it out the pack. Oh yea bare  deli! I got the Salami and Turkey because we dont eat that much ham . The retail prices range between $4-5 a pack not too back for natural.Once home I got to work, you get quiet a bit in a pack. You know how some deli are slime-ish in a way or water-y kind of. Well Applegate is not a very hearty meat and not slime attache Wheewww! awesome!. So well first we all ha to have a slice (smiles ) and it was a scare kiddos loved it and so did I. Next I decided I was gonna divide the packs of meat up into a few meals . I will tell you about one and list the others. First meal was:
Cheese&Deli Pockets

Ingredients: *Applegate Genoa Salami,
*Applegate Roasted Turkey Breast,
*Kraft Italian Shredded Cheese
*Spray Olive Oil
Items Needed:
Baking pan,Spatula,Knife
Lets Do It!!
1.Remove all your food items,preheat oven to 350 degrees, cut up the mushrooms, and meat.2. Open biscuts and press them flat making a pocket in the middle.3. The fun part fill with the meats, cheese ,spinach,and mushrooms.4.Fold up the biscuts and pinch shut. 5.Spray with olive oil on top 6.Bake for 10-15mins (according to your oven)7.Take out and let them cool about 5 mins8.Enjoy!!!
You can also made a tomatoe based dip for them.The kids loved them and so did I . Try them you wont regret it. I had never heard of these and I'm hooked. I will be sharing these with friends and family and hopefully you all will pick up a pack and do the same.Not to mention the nutritional value rocks. Heres some tips for those with little ones for luch.
1.Make it cute
2. Make it into a learning time
3.Prepare with your child for never ending memories and easy early skills
4.Dont over do it
5. Make it Simple
6.Encourage them to share with one their new friends
7.Have fun with it
You can make lunches like wheat tortilla bread,plain cream cheese spreaded on top Applegate meats and any other toppings roll them up and place in a cute bento box.Held together with cute bento supplies sticks .You  can find plenty on Amazon.Bento boxes can be made and found anywhere.I was offered this through Moms Meet check them out at www.greenmomsmeet. Love they website soo much to read and explore.
For A Little suprise Two lucky people will win product vouchers !!!!!!! Oh yea!!  

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