Friday, September 30, 2011

Simple Hot Sandwhichy!

 What you need:
Wheat bread
Buffalo meat thick sliced
Honey Turkey thick sliced
Pepper jack  cheese
Salsa Ranch

What I do is layer my meat  and cheese doing so meat cheese meat cheese..
Then I place directly on oven rack at 350 for 5 mins just enough the cheese melts..
Take out squeeze some salsa rance on and bamm ! So simple so good , sandwhich with a kick!

Market Day-

Lately i have been been ordering from Market Day which is a fundraiser for schools. I ve have totally fell in love with them. My mom used to order from them when I was wayy younger she'd stock up on foods. You can pick whatever school to order from and what you order benifits thats school. Pretty cool ! I've been a fan of ordering the french toast ,pb&j grams, biscuts and cookies yummm! .... They come in bulk so you'll have what you bout for a little and they are scrumptious! check them out!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Recipe! In pics... Sausage & cheese crissant roll ups

Princess Ellie !

Ellie Update.. Oh my oh my! Shes Crawl'n!

Yes! its happened Ellie is on the go she not only crawls backwards(they way she started) but, front ways and sideways. She can pull up on tables couches anything lol. Just a busy body ! Very smart baby just turning 6 mons on the 21st thats alot. Adding to it she can eat crackers with no problem and loves loves loves them and chicken bones yes chicken bones for the flavor.
Clothes shes not quite in 6-9 months yet some that are smaller she can fit. Bumba has a really small waist so pants are hard to find. My fav to put on her now is dresses with tights or cotton tights or leggings. I love cotton tights to me they go with anything and shes cute in them. I like to buy hers from childrens place or old navy either or if i find a good deal than there we go! To all the other babys HAPPY CRAWL'N!

(camera phone pic)

Monday Money Saverz!!!

Ok, so Today I got 1 half gallon and 1 quart milk 15 packs of kool aid for 4.25 good deal to me!

Detailed list----
Kool aid 5/1
1 quart 0.25
half gal 1.00

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Banana Zucchini Muffins ---My Way--

This is my own way of making it there is other ways though.

What you will need :

Two Bowls
1/8 teapoon
1 cup

1 box of banana nut bread
brown sugar

Chop up bananas and zucchini
into fine little pieces.
1 cup of each
Put in bowl
add teaspoon of vanilla
teaspoon of cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg
sprinkle of salt
Add all into Bowl with banana nut bread mix
follow the directions on box 


What We have recently ate !!! AND Another Recipeeee!

Velveta Skillet Dinners
Chicken & Broc.
Honey Chicken
Oreo Cake
Chicken and Rice

What the recipe just ask :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Its A Giveaway

This is a simple fun giveaway since I hit my goal of 50 ! Here you have A Circo
3-6 mon onsie with a skull iron on and theres two head bands. Now for this giveaway you will have a choice of the onsie with a headband of your choice (Will add a bow if like )  Or You can choose two head bands as is or I can add a bow to one or both. :) Not much but hey its cute! Hope yall like my first giveaway!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ellie -Hair bling -Natural State

"The Paper Mama Photo Challenge"

Wipe Case Home Made!

I made this when Ellie was about 1 months old pretty sure of. I was in walmart and thought instead of buying I can figure this out myself and thats exactly what I did. :)
I had a coupon to Jo Anns and for Huggies wipes .75 cents off, Walmart also had a sell going on.
Jo Anns had a 50 precent off coupon off one item the glue gun ended up being like .35 .
The Huggies at target was 1.25 ended up being .50
Glue sticks at Walmart was 2.00 the fabric was 1.00 for23 in
Ribbon was .50 on sale

Items Needed:
Wipe case
Glue gun
Glue sticks

First you need to set your wipe case on the fabric trace it.Do this for both sides.
Cut out your traces they dont have to be perfect because the ribbon will cover.
So ,Now you have to pieces of fabric ,Turn on your glue gun as soon as its heated add glue at the top like a squiggly quickly place fabic on top press and smooth. **Make sure fabic is on even**
Next make sure its glued tight, apply glue one side at a time pressing firmly the fabic on all around continue to do this step until all for sides are on and dry.
REPEAT and do to the bottom of the wipe case
You should now have both fabric pieces glue down on top and bottom.
Next, You might have some stringys no problem just go around and pull any excess off. :)
Remember how I said dont worry if you cut uneven this is why now, what you do is trim any uneven parts off till it looks good all arounf if theres a corner that cant be cute just pinch and fold apply dab of glue  press and there you go.
Last steps is take ribbon measure it ALL around  apply glue one side at a time firmly pressing ribbon on sides making sure its on tight and straight.
Now in the pic you can see mine ended in the front I'd sugesst you make sure yours in ending in the back.

Hope you liked this !
Have fun ,Some many ways your can do this and decorate!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cinna-Carrots Yum yum!

                    So, I've made alot of veggie and fruit dishes and by far "Da Monster" has loved this. I recently made this for my Lil' Bumba . I'm learning to make my own fresh baby food for my Ellie as she grows this is one of the few thats I've done.

Medium Bowl
Pot or Steamer
Breast Milk Storage Bags

Organic Cinnamon
Organic Vanilla Extract

   I use a steamer and add my carrots let them steam for one full cycle. Or you can just let them boil in water for 20 mins.
After they are done ,drain and remove them place on plate and cut up your carrots.
Add to blender ; blend on high speed while adding 1 teaspoon on cinnamon and 1 teaspoon on vanilla extract; Until completely blended.
Spoon into bowl
Store and Freeze in breast milk bags they work great!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Style Curl it Swooper :) Thats what we like to call it

This Style is simple All was used was EVCO and Natural Oil 7 Proclaim. I curled it with my fingers and swooped with a Saftey 1st. Brush

Honey Chicken

LOVE LOVE LOVE! this recipe.. "Da Monster" loves it.

Honey Chicken

Wide Pan
Lid of Pan
Microwave safe plate

Ingredients :
Boneless Chicken
1 cup Honey
1 cup Water

First,put chicken in micro for 2 whole cycles less the chicken is already un- thawed. Cut your chicken into small chunks.put your pan on a medium heat with 1 cup of water take to a boil. Add chicken to boiling water  season with salt and pepper just a little. Place lid let boil for 15 mins turning ocassionally. After the 15 mins squeeze a 1  cup of honey and add into chicken making sure most of your water has boiled away. Dont want watery honey! Stir as needed place lid on top lit simmer for 10 mins while stirring. Cut of pan and serve.

I like to sometimes wait and eat it the next day after the honey has settled in the chicken.
Also you can just pour on top with this you would need to use a sauce pan.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its Another Recipe!!!!

I  made these a while back and I'd like to share it. This is very kid friendly treat.

Mini Strawberry Banana Cheese Cakes


3.Hand Blender


1.Ready made cheese cake filling
2.Strawberry topping
3.Pie crust cups
4.Banana extract

Take the bowl spoon half of the cheese cake mix into bowl , add in about 6 drops of banana extract blend on high speed.
Take pie crust cups and add 2.5 spoons on mix into each cups usually comes 6 to a pack.
Add strawberry topping what ever you need.
Put in fridge let settle for at least an hour.


Check Up!

Well , today Bumba had a check up right now shes very cranky and not up for anything and she got two shots :( I know sad right shes 14 lbs very shocking because she looks bigger to me. But shes right where shes suposed to be and a little bit more advanced for her age she does alot.
Today Guess we are just taking it easy she has very sore thighs. Her next check up in in 2 months.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Money Savers -Target Huggies Wipes ,carters, Childrens place,and Target Sale

Now, If you know me you know I love Childrens Place ,Target ,and Carters! Well, They are having there labor day sale and re-stock new items. So the break down is everything is on sale !  Especially Children's Place items are 25-50 % off and extra 50% off already reduced items . Socks are 99 cents and knee socks are 1.99  shoes are 1.99 and  up (I got some) and most are 5.99 or highest 9.99 the boot soo adorable and cute are 25 % off . Scarves are 1.99 and leggings is yessss 99 cents to 1.99 theres also more sales and they vary store to store but the store manager said it everywhere. You can also catch some sales online while they have some they are going fast though!....They really are having too big of a sale and on mondays they reduce more and more items go on sale!

They are also having a labor day sale and a Big infant and toddler sales going on. Up to 60 percent off strollers and carseats are on sale and many other items with in your store they vary.
Huggies wipes are 1.25 with the 1 dollar off makes them yup .25 cents ! Score

Carters is having a labor day sale and every thing is 50% off !

Ellies Hair Growth & New Pics Of her!!And A Suprise!

Every week her hair has filled in more ;growing the longest by her ears. Hair length by ear is 4 in. Her top hair almost 4in the hair on sides varies. As you see she has very fine hair no thickness at all so when using Evco or Shea Butter a dot takes her a long long way.

Non-Combed hair this is the normal all over :)

Her sweet front curls LOVE them! And her Almond grey eyes so beautiful.

Her glare

Cant really see the long strands in pic right here ,you can a little they are brushed back.

The usual happy "Bumba"

Precious Baby!

If you look close.......Yup Ellies ears are pierced. She got them done yesterday. We got her the 14k gold ball. There was other options like flowers and diamonds and crowns but Daddy J and I decided that we go simple. I felt it be easier to clean and twist. Also since shes only basically 6 months I felt diamonds and crowns was a bit much. They did have birth stones that was almost a choosen thought but didnt win as you see! we decided to do them now because shes a smart smart baby and realizes things fast shes touched her ears about 5 times now so that let us know she knows they are there. Then since she does so much out fear was wait older and she'll pull them out and hurt herself or play with them. So, we felt safe to do them now. We did conversate on waiting till kinder age or her asking thats why it took us to this point to do them and not as a newborn. But, we together made the decicion to do it now. After deciding what earrings the get they wiped her ears and then marked them. Then was asked did they look ok , after it was confirmed they were good they pierced them. She did give a hard cry while she was crying they quickly did the next one.Wipped both ears again and she was done. She cried for like 10 secs and then was all smiles! In her gift bag they gave her she got a bag that says "I just got my ears pierced " "This is the best day ever look at my ears". In the bag she got 2 sheets of stickers a tattoo and a certificate. She also got her bottle of ear car which was included into the price.

Ear Care:
Antiseptic solution for the care and cleaning of pierced ears
4fl oz/118ml
Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride

When caring for your babies pierced ears use a cotton swab to clean ears when cleaning twist the earring each cleaning one complete whole turn. After babys ears are healed after a initial 4 weeks you are to continue to use ear care until gone to clean ears and earrings. You  are not to use excessively for it can hinder the healing process. If you see your babys ears swell or red around lower lobes call your childs physcian. Your baby could be developing a infection.

Note: Before piercing her doctor was asked his view and if she was ok to get them pierced also we made sure all her vaccines was up to date.

------> Also I was told dont let soap hit the ears and try to avoid water hitting for the first 48 hrs.  After the 4 weeks of healing the doctors advised to unhook and slide them Not taking them out just in case they arent fully healed and leave in for 6 months her doctor said its ok to change in 3-4 months but we'll prolly just leave them untill one cleaning them reg.

Since Yesterday she has done great with them havent even touched her ears and I've seen no irritation.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shea Butter & Natural 7 Oil

Today, I found a local hair beauty store that sells almost everything organic or natural . So, happy I went on this stroll out or else I wouldnt of found it. What I bought was African Shea Butter and Proclaim Prefessional Care Natural 7 Oil with Argan Oil.

Ellie Staple Products Shea Butter ,EVCO  Not the Argan Oil

Proclaim Natural 7 Argan Oil:

Size: 8oz
Proclaim Natural 7 Argan Oil is a hair oil treatment that is uniquely formulated with Argan Oil and other natural ingredients that condition hair and moisturize skin. Helps to also prevent dryness and stimulate nail growth.
It helps:
  • Prevents dryness and stimulates nail growth
  • Adds intense shine to hair
  • Helps Moisturizes Skin

Hair: As a hot oil treatment, heat Natural 7 Oil with Argan Oil in a container of hot (not boiling ) water for 2-3 minutes. Massage evenly into scalp and hair. Cover with warm moist towel or a processing cap for 3-5 minutes, rinse with warm water. Use as a Braid Oil to keep scalp from drying and braids looking fresh.

Skin: Use as a moisturizer after shower on damp skin. Great for softening beards before shaving. Add to bath for all over body softening. Use as massage oil to soothes dry skin and relax muscles. Smooth on feet or any other areas of dry skin.

Nails: Massage into cuticle daily to prevent dryness and stimulate nail growth.

African Shea Butter:
100% Natural
African Shea Butter is made from the nut of the African Shea Tree. It contains a rich amount of unremovable fatty acid which renders it far superior to Cocoa Butter. This fatty acid is crucial to rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin. Shea Butter provides all the essential vitamins needed to make skin look and feel smoother,softer, and most importantly healthier. Its therapeutic properties protect the skin from wind, cold,sun and it helps heal wounds faster. Shea Butter fights the effects of aging and repairs rough, damaged skin.
Its to be stored in a cool place.
1. Treatment of dry skin, exzema, and minor burns.
2. Pain relief from swelling and arthritis
3. Improves muscle relaxation and stiffness
4. Sun screen, due to its rich content of vitamins E & F
5. Treat dark spots , skin discoloration, stretch marks, wrinkles and blemishes
6. Massages, diaper rash, and as a hair conditioner


My Thoughts :
I LOVE LOVE this Shea Butter its so moisturizing and Its so far taken the dryness away from Ellies hair nothing but shine now and nice bounce to the little curls. First time something other than EVCO has worked. :)
The Argan Oil :
I like this too love the smell very pleasent to me not to greasy little goes a long way.
Right now its on sale at Sallys for 3.99 reg. 6.99
Click on the link ------> And it will tell you good uses for infants with shea butter and how to use it on them-->
To find more info on above ^ click their site---> AND they also have a blog -->

Recently things bought for Ellie with Shea Butter I got from these sites --->    HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Love this products

What I use Shea butter on Ellie for :
Well everything lol
1. Dry skin
2.  Bumps
3. Rashes
4. Hair

My Shea Butter Rash Cream:
  Shea Butter
  Olive Oil
I mix both and apply to area.