Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Money Saverz- J&J ,Earths Best, Nutella, Planters PB

Buy 1 get one half off  J&J
3.79 Body Wash
-1.50 mail coupon= 2.29
1.89 half of sec. Body wash price
-1.00 coupon = 0.89 cents
- 2.00 register reward points
Total= 1.18
plus I racked another 2.00 RP's for next purchase :)

Earths Best Jar Foods-
20 for 10 1st and 2nd foods or 10 for 10 3rd foods
there was a instore 3 dollars off 8 jars I had 6 /0.50 coupons
I paid 4.00 for 20 jars thats 2 cents a jar!

Walmart -
Nutella 3.18
- 1.00 coupon=2.18

Planters PB
Was 3.38
Now 2.98
-1.00 coupon
=1.98 28 oz

Total spent to day 11. 23 cents !

Its another Snack recipe & A easy lunch reciepe!

So, before I told recipes more baby baby well heres some different ones I did for "Da Monster"

Crazy Munch Mix

What you will need:
1. Two bowls
2. Spoon
3. Wisk
4. Plastic wrap


1. powder sugar
2. 2 hershey bars
3. Your choice of dried fruit(we always put raisins)
4. Chex mix
5. almonds

First, take your dried fruit,almonds,and chex mix & mix in big bowl  set aside. Next, put chocolate bars in micowave for about 40secs depending on micowave. Wisk &quickly pour onto dry mix. Soon after shake you desired amount of powdered sugar stir to make sure all is covered like you want it. Then put plastic wrap on bowl and let set for a while. Enjoy !

Cheesy Cheesy Diced Potatoes

What you will need:
1. Spoon
2. Small pan (like a sauce pan)

1. Lifes Best spread
2. pepper
3. Cheese (i perfer Bordens)
4. Canned diced potatoes

First , heat skillet on medium add spoon of spread (sm spoon) let it melt some. Open can of potatoes pour into small pan  stir in with spread. Add a little of pepper and two slices of cheese by tearing the cheese in strips an laying works best .Reduce heat to low and stir letting the cheese to melt. Cut of let sit 1 min and there you go "Da Monster" loves this specially with rice and broc.

Friday, August 26, 2011

0-6 months hair style styles

Since lil Bumba been born shes only had so much hair on her widdle head :) But, its some thing sometimes more than some other lil ones. I really dont mind that she dont got a head full full of hair . Love it the way it is. Her styles have been simple .. Slicked back with a head band , slicked back swoop in the front, 1 pony , 1 pony w/swoop, 2 piggies w/swoop, curly in middle headband w/swoop , just curly , and 3 squiggly  ponies ...(and i mean squiggly)..She do have her free all messy day hair all over ....priceless... When
i do these styles typically i dont use anything to hold it less I'm doing a swoop then I'll spray a lil oil mix on that piece and slick it. I dont buy baby head bands really i perfer the reg kind stretchy so nothing breaks her edges. I use the cloth bands no rubber bands yet. I do sometimes before i put a pony in right where its gonna be apply some oil so its conditioned in that area and less tension on that area. When I do start to use rubber bands when she gets older and more hair I will be doing the soak them over night in olive oil to prevent breakage.  But, thats all the styles she has for now until more hair comes around.. until then we love our styles now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ellie's Day!

Today was a good day for her didnt wine all that much and stayed content easily and of course she was very smiley ! Took a trip to Nana's house whom she loves!... What did she eat? Well, this morning she had cereal and bananas 6 oz bottle ..before lunch a 7 oz bottle ..Lunch, Green Beans & apples6oz bottle ...2 more bottles after that  5 oz's ..Dinner , Mixed Veggies & bananas 6 oz bottle ..She's sleep now cuz its bed time but after mmmm..12ish she might wake for a 3oz of water or milk.

Babys Hair Wash time : Shorter version (Vid)

This is whats done well the wash part every other wk  or more sometimes because she sweats alot .But, on those days i might just water rise her hair. Now when I was every wk I do the EVOO&EVCO rinse method really really like this ! I don't put conditioner in everyday thats every 2-3wks and apply her oil mix .. I apply her oil mix is it looks really really dry.When shes in the sun I def. a drip of EVCO to scalp shes sun prone baby heat sun dont so well for her.  If she has a dry patch then I add moisture mix to patch. She has a awesome grade of hair and it keeps shine on its on mostly

Hair Moisturizer Gentle Enough for Baby

 This helps Bumbas frizzes but its not a daily thing I use right yet
1. Container
2.( 2) Small bowls
3. Spoon
4. Wisk

1. Shea Butter
2.Mango Butter
4.Castor Oil
5.Juice from a carrot

*Get any type of container you please for your moisturizer you can get all kinds at a dollar tree or store of that sort.
*Rinse Out Container just for saftey!
*Let air dry
*Take bowl add your desire of shea butter , and mango butter stir together in a bowl
*In bowl two mix evco and castor oil and carrot juice in together
*Stir well
*While folding butter  take other bowl and start slowly stirring in that mix
*Take the wisk and wisk until smooth and fully mixed
*Then spoon into container
*Seal. Then set in fridge so it can settle

---------->Theres all different mixes you can try and make for baby for moisture. Just depends whats best for him.her.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Money Saverz - Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

On Amazon this is a grabber if you are signed up to Amazon Mom there are many sales but this one is for Huggies Natural Care Wipes these are sented I perfer unscented which those are avaliable too! You get three packs that makes 216 wipes all together. :) Shipping for members is totally free! and you get 30 precent off ! Thats $14.83 total ships in 3 days for 3 packs of huggies. Thats 6 cents of less for each wipe .Now thats a deal! Stock up! and the best part is if you have a amazon code a y and a t one you might score this for roughly 4 dollars,:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hair Carez

 Right, now Bumba hair care is simple same like before almost cept now I  mix Sauve Professionals: Almonds+Shea Butter Conditoner and Johnson's Natural Kids 3 in 1 with EVCO I water rinse her hair and then apply the mix on her hair while im washing her up and playin Catch the Bubs. Then after wash up and play I rinse out her hair and let air dry. That's it nothing else I dont apply nothing to her hair or anything. Now her hair dont dry out and her natural oils in her hair keeps her hair moiturized. I havent put no oils in her hair for weeks. Only if she gets in water in going in the sun. I apply her oil mixture.  If she has a dry patch I apply mango butter with sunflower oil and EVCO to just that spot. This works soo well for us. I love the suave conditioner!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Book: Rhymes With Cat :Beginner Phonics

This was Ellies first book I read to her yay! and she loved the pages and colors . Not to mention she tried to eat them . Its only 5 pages hard pages . Easy for her to grab...She giggled the whole way through will be reading again!

Books Coming up for review...

*Just the Two of Us by Will Smith
*Mimi's Tutu by Tynia Thomassie
*Tell Me Sometimes Happy Before I Go to Sleep by Joyce Dunbar

Review to come up ...

-Leap Start Learning Gym
-Activity Mat from Bright starts
-Coca Butter petroleum jelly
-Take and Toss from the first years
-Munchkin Spoons
-Suave Prfessionals Almond + Shea Butter
Right Now I Use Parents choice wipes no scent with aloe works well with her or if a rash just a warm towel and water and of course rise out in hot water for you reuse. But these are sented and I love them better then the huggies brand to me. I love the sent how moist they stay and the thickness. And of course these are a Buckaroo! sometimes they are 60 cents whoohoo!... But I really do enjoy these they are my back up wipes.. Also the wipes a use with Da monster with accidents.

1 of Our favoritez

Ok so I'm so in love with these containers they are so cute an just lovable :) so easy to pack goodies in. For the Da Monster I can pack snacks for him and Ellie her baby food or store powder milk just enough for a emergency bottle in store. I've always liked these though they come in all colors plates and cups and different spoons all for the great BUCK! Papa likes these easy to use so do the rest of the family.

Vanilla Apple Cinna Cereal

1 cup of Organic Barley
1 cup of chopped and blended yellow apples(2apples)
1 teaspoon of organic cinnamon
1 organic vanilla extract
Boil 2 apples till tender ,sit in a bowl of ice so apples peel easy.
Chop apples in chopper.Spoon into bowl add vanilla .Stir well.
Then mix your dry cinnamon and barley,add wet to dry ..Blend well! Take out whats going to be ate and freeze the rest Bumba loves it a lil warm.

Baby Pops!

Popcicle Molds
Organic Banana Extract
Organic Baby Apple Juice or Organic Baby Orange Meldoy Juice
Organic Orginal Yogurt
Popcicle mold you can get anywhere for less than 2 dollars mine was 1.34
and they come with plastic sticks.
Cut up bananas and strawberries add to blender blend on high speed! add 1/3 of yogurt 1/2 cup of juice 1 teaspoon of banana extract blend together until smooth less its for toddler and you want chuncks its how juju (3yrs old) eats them. Pour into molds let freeze for at least 3-4 hrs. To removed sit in a bowl of hot water and pop them out . I put Bumbas in the baby food strainer when hot loves them .. I do too and my son a go for 3rds!

Banana Yogurt Pancakez!

Ok so no Bumba dont eat pancakes but Ju does "Da Monster" and this surely will be a first I make for her.
You will need:
2 Bananas
1 cup of Yogurt
The basic pancake mix less you take the easy way out like I do at times
pancake of your choice pre made
Now, you can either blend the banana and pancake together or chop into tiny pieces which is how Da Monster loves them and simply add into the batter this is obviously for small palm size pancakes . I usually use a mold and make his in shapes.
2-3 mins on each side shall do.
For toppings Hardly ever do I use syrup We love ours with strawberry jelly or blueberry topping<-------(the best!)

Franklin: Dvd Triple Feature


Bumba Loves this she dont watch tv really but enjoys the sounds and music! Has 16 episodes now Da Monster will seriously try and watch the whole 16 so funny he loves Franklin. Teaches English and French .. Has kid friendly auto play so Ju loves he can pop it in a go. For 5 dollars I'm glad I bought this. I love it myself plus its kid appropiate. Extra plus I literally grew up on franklin :)

Continuing of Angel Mine Products..

So , As ppl know I like to tr diffent affordable products ones that wont  break you and are quick to access. Well I have been testing  out Angel of mine products on Bumba. She has very sensitve skin breaks out too easy and can easily have a break out with in 15 secs of a bath. Now , I got these first at her baby shower I waited a while to use the lotion because of her sensitive skin I thought it wouldnt come out great . But I have been completely wrong every product I've tried on her has done great!. First I tried was the baby lotion with vitamin e and aloe vera , now we have tried the baby wash with camomile and  bedtime baby cream with lavender vitamin a,b5, and e . So like I usually do I proceed with a bath I opened the camomile it has a very settle smell , mild just like it states on the bottle  and I can smell a hints on camomile when I smelled it. Two squrts on her rag did the trick it lathers but not a thick lather.  I washed her from head to toe No break outs it bubbles easily too. I then water washed her hair and then a penny size of Angel Mine shampoo  with camomile and it lathered her hair smelled nice and rinsed out very easily for me. I removed her from the bath and patted her dry and I did not touch her hair at all I let it air dry.I applied the bedtime cream not as thick as her other ones dont really smell like lav to me but still a pleasent smell and the smell lingered till the next day. Ive got to say I was impressed her hair smelled nice dried with a shine and blew with the wind lol... Her head didnt break out either great thing so this is a keeper. I will now buy the whole set because ellie does very well with this other babys I'm not sure but ellie we've found a alternative brand for her body and hair.

Vitamin E oil

So I purchased some vitamin E oil from my local dollar store. Which I was amazed to see it there because the one here usually has nothing .. On the bottle it says Suggested use: Apply by smoothing directly  to the desired area. Contains 4,000 units on vitamin E oil the ingredients: soybean oil, vitamin e ,coconut oil.  It comes in a 4 oz bottle. cost me roughly 3 bucks. First, after I gave ellie a bath I patted her dry then I applied the oil on her body  massaging it in paying extra attention to her neck, thighs, feet. Now, a lil goes a long way i hand poured about a quater size way too much. I had to do extra massaging in she enjoyed though :)... There is no smell :(  So , this was a good buy for the price but that night I took some shea butter and cocoa butter and the vitamin e oil blended together and  a teaspoon of her oil mixture. RECAP 2 tblsp of sheabutter 2 tblsp cocoa butter  teaspoon of vitamin E oil and teaspoon of her oil mixture blended together till smooth. I put it in these little pink travel containers with a lid it holds about 2 oz can fit in bag or purse. Now, after the next day repeated with another bath and massaged her with the mix loved it nice and creamy not gritty and two smells I love in one that morning I didnt even have to lotion her.. PLUS!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hair !

Ellies hair is filling in ..still straight...its an auburn color with a reddish tint and some golden streaks in it. She can get a pony in its the cutest thing. Her hair is thin the last two weeks its drastically changed.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Baby Nite Out

Yep , Ellie is at a sleep over. So no Bumba been gone since early today. She loves my cousin though very very comfortable with her. Went to see her before she went to bed and she was just a giggling and playing. Shes growing really really fast :(... Love my Bumba. She got awesome toys today shes gonna love them will post pics and how she likes them too! Also, her hair is a few cm's away from 2.5in in the middle of her head lol its grows like everyday!.Tomorrow She prolly will go swimming and she has a doctors appt.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Buzy Mama !

Ellie has been a busy lil mama ! shes such a good baby.. Updates are her middle hair is beasty like really lol .. the side well, they slacking. Now , new things shes crawling !!! funny thing is its backwards lol. Shes really gitting in to foods.  Her fav right now in fresh bananas and barley. Her first recipe she tried is Avacado and bananas. Heres how you make it you need 1 avacado 1 banana and rice milk. So, again thats 1. Avacado 2. Banana 3. Organic Rice Milk ............First, you slice your banana and place them spreaded in a chopper or blender either or works .. next avacado slice open de pit it and scoop it into the chopper..then take a teaspoon of rice milk and add it then just blend together until smooth. Now, I didnt blend it smooth smooth bc Bumba perfers texture. Smell great .. taste good.. and best of all bumba loved it! I only gave her 3 big spoons of it the rest a packed and froze this should make up to 4 -6 feedings depending on how much is eatin. Now a trick i been doing is freeze her made food in breast milk bags!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simply Put. L.O.V.E

Cocoa Butter

This is the cocoa butter that I use on Bumba works well along with the other products I use from them. I have not used the oil yet but smells great to me. Ive bought some other products by them to that I will be trying a little later. I know most say palmers is the way to go but I personally perfer this one for now and the biggy her skin approves so its a go. Will post on the oil when I use it. I might use on her after a bath in a couple weeks. Sn: I did use some on my hands after washing dishes the oil and its gave them great moisture(the oil)

Angel of Mine Baby Lotion

I've got to say I really enjoy this lotion got it for a baby shower gift and I use it more than the johnsons brand. When you first open it 2 whiffs and you smell baby powder a hit for me because I love that smell.Normally, I mix this with some cocoa butter cream and then massage it on her. The smell of this lotion is very mild not to strong but not a bland smell either.In the lotion it contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera out here you can get it at a local Deals store and some other in like dollar general. I will be buying some more of this when I run out a little goes a long way!. They also have differnt kinds to so I will be trying those also. Ellies skin is senseitive and I'm happy to say her skin approves this.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bumbas Pickz!

Two favz right now got to be her lil' on the go hair bottle which contains her oil mix. The biggy her head bands.. Now every other day since its been so hot in the morn and nite she gets a whole head spritz or her oil mix and then I comb it in. Theres no smell to her mix for now but in the near future I'll add like peppermint or some rosemary prolly for scent. I pick these head bands bc they are so stretchy and loose on her head her side hairs and very fine so too tight and it cuts on them and I dont want her lil' hairs damaged so even tho these are for bigger peoples lol Bumba sports them. I do use the other kind to like in her pics of head bands I made. These are also the perfect pick for her headbands I make for her this way she grows with them. :) These dont leave marks on her much shes already red so just her normal red spots lol. This bottle came in her awesome grooming bag !

Bumbas Style!

Da Bebo

She got this bink for her baby shower and I tell ya its the only one she will use. The only! 1... we have tried so many but this is the choosen one.


New Finds!

Twist'n N a Turn'n

My Ellie bug is doing so much so fast my child before nothing like this late bloomer. She has her picks on what she wants on a serious note. And Ive found the booger to be quite a ham and DRAMA QUEEN! Her curls on her head is gettin much tighter not really tight but not loose lmbo. She has a curly mohawkish thang going on :) Love'n the curls thats coming in also somewhat in the back its got a edgy curl going guess I'll see where this is going in a handful of months. Today the color is much lighter lil' darker when spritzed but the final now is a copper brown TUTE! lol .. Eyes update still dunno they like a brown greyish type color not dark though mystery eyes!