Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Hair style :)

Today I braided up Bumbas hair for about  3 weeks now shes been rocking a baby -fro or a braid in front with a baby-fro  Before that it was just a baby-fro maybe three ponies but ponies alone dont stay well in her hair. Usually I wash on Sat or Sun which ever works best for us  but I did this Tues because we didnt Sat or Sun. So this time instead of using a conditioner I mixed coconut milk & Aloe Vera juice(sometimes I add grapeseed oil or coconut oil) together and conditioned her hair with that. We have done it before a couple of times and loved it so it has returned. Also we only shampoo 1 time a month and I use a homemade shampoo for that with two of the main ingredients is coconut milk and african black soap not castile soap just a personal choice. Now, after her hair was washed with the conditioner mix her hair was air dried. Pause=Just for extra info I wash her hair by making six sections put in ponies with oucless bands,shampoo is only applied to the scalp. Okay, now once hair is dry i make four parts in those parts I condition scalp only this one time with Bee Mine Hair & Scalp or Our oil mix .  Each section was moisturized w/ shea butter and oil mix added to ends. I began making one part in front for a bang& two parts one big one for the top and small for back braids tied with ouchless bands. I did six braids in back  put into two ponies with pre dipped rubberbands. I then took the top part split into two and then the two parts split into two horizontal parts so thats 5 parts. I braided the top parts then the bottom six on each half part. Those braids was then put into two ponies each side which makes for total at the top. Lastly, braid that small front part. Beads were added as each braid was done. This may last one week for Bumba.