Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Girl!

So, today Ellie learned to roll over and move her arm out the way she also can scoot pretty well here. I was so humid today she slept most of the day though. Shes a sweater so I had to come home rise her hair dont like dont it alot but what can I do with a water spout baby lol. Well whats new is her hair is growin alot in the top curling more and more not tight though and still straight in back but its starting to really grow she didnt have what she did when she was born its also changing colors randomly.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Acessoriez ! :)

Ok, so today Ellie my lil bumba got new hair pieces yay ! I finally made her some :) I made her 3 head bands and a ankle band cute ! All this cost me less than 8 bucks. Thats pretty good considering what some pay for these or the price you pay in a store. The supplies needed was newspaper,scissors, nail polish, head bands, hot glue gun, and acrylic jewels. First off I picked what kind I wanted , I pulled them apart piece by piece by removing the stem part off , I then layered them the way I wanted them and one by one glued them on into the center after that was done I added my jewel and pulled off and extra strings of glue off so it was neat looking .. Then i took the heand band and put glue in the fold part  and pressed the piece on held it there and till it was dry and there ya go ! all done ! not to mention cute now the other I made was to flower ankle band that I bout 6 in of stetch band from the arts store. With this I cut a piece smaller than her ankle and wrist. I took the clear nail polish to seal ends and then hot glued the ends together thenn I just made a piece like I did for the hair piece just a small one and glued it on its cute for the wrist or ankle!...Next I will be making her some baby necklaces and bracelets :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A's Hair (Niece) 1st Attempt..

So, yes trying to find a routine to help my nieces hair its so hard to tame. I went out today and got a couple things took a while to choose what I did. I ended up getting Herbal Essences Totally Twisted  for curls and waves Shampoo, Creme Of Nature Lemongrass & Rosemary Leave-in-Creme  Conditioner for Dehyrated Hair,Softee Mango Growth Treatment, and what I had bought for Ellie Extra Virgin Cocanut Oil.Before starting anything I put some rubber bands in Extra Virgin Olive Oil so they dont cause breakage. Then I parted her hair and patch by patch distributed the Totally Twisted shampoo in by using my fingertips on her scalp. Then a cup washed it out so I wasnt rubbing her hair it tends to fall out and break easy. After all rinsed I pat her hair and squeeze. No rubbing.  I then applied the coconut oil beginging base to little bit half a inch above the ends. Then I took the Mango Treat. And finger tipped it into her scalp gently. Lastly I applied the Leave in a generous amout bc her hair soaks up everything.Finger combing out any types a kinks. I only used the pick and comb to part and spread the ends. After all this I just threw up a quick style . Small pony in front into two two trand twist. Two piggies and then hair on each piggy twisted into lil two strand twist. One puff ball pony  and two small french braids in back going down. Some acessories prolly would of made a better look but over all loved these products so did the "Nana". They all had lovely smells and her hair looked very hydrated lil more laid down  and less kinks.

Make Bank !

Bumba now has a what I call " Ellie's Hair bank " for anything that has to do with her hair. Products, or accessories. Yep ! she has one I figured why not it a be cool to see how much she has by 6 months and then to 8 months. I will keep track and have postings if the amount each month. I will make her first purchase at 8mons maybe 10 mons. :) Every penny counts!

Ella's Kitchen Organic Food

Here's the site take a look!

  I'm very cautious on what my baby has my Bumba's Tummy means the world to me. So, picking foods is alot to me. Took a lil' stroll to target AGAIN my favorite store! I looked at alot of options these caught my eye though.  They are called "Ellas Kitchen Organic Baby Food" these baby foods come in hip pouch packs that are squeezable, easy fit ,and they can be re-closed once opened if baby doesn't eat all of it. They are very easy to open I had no trouble opening it. Their smell is great! Not to mention I taste tested myself and they were good to me very flavorable. They have many flavors to choose from. MANY! some are Apples Apples,Pears Apples and Baby Rice,Sweet Potatoes Pumpkin Apples and Blueberries,Banana Berry Brekkie, Spinach Apples Rutabaga ,Broccoli Pears and Peas , Peach and Banana, Strawberries and Apples just name a few of them. The first one we started with is Strawberries and Apples something differnt she didnt struggle at all took it right down and loved it all SMILES! Didnt leave her gases and she didnt bring any back up so it was easy on her lil tummy. The ones mentioned is 4months and up they have different stages 6momths and up and 7 months and up and so on very easy to follow.Other products they have are smoothies in a pouch,Milk and vanilla cookies,rice , sauces for pastas and other foods. These keep serious self life you can freeze left overs within 24 hrs and do some much with it to cook your baby a nice little natural meal. Such a neat organic food and baby would love them! You can go to this link ----
> to sign up and become a friend. With this sign up you'll get a free weaning guide coupon ,and with 500 each month have a chance to win a Terracycle lunch bag

Simply "Bumba"


Sitting with style

the famous tougne

Headband Style

Oh so happy baby!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick Post!

Well first off I bought some sunflower oil. I've heard plenty about it and so I decided I shall try it. Not much of a pleasent smell nope but its ok bc neither does the EVOO. Now I havent decided if I'm going to use both at once as a mixture or seperate. We shall see! I was told its great for those edges and baldy spots.

Friday, July 22, 2011

4 months yay!

Yesterday Ellie turned 4 months yes 4! So exciting .. she got aome 4 mon shopping done too what a champ she is. Shes growing up so fast shes rolling, coo'n ,trying to taste other ppls food when they arent looking.LOL and she rolling sitting unsupported drinking juice  , loving her milk and just a all round happy baby . Big ones i cant believe she holds her own bottle and has the nerve to really hold things like her toys its so cute. Also i really see a developing personality now. Love my lil ellie. To celebrate her 4 mon bday i got her a lil cup cake and she got to have a lil lick absolutely loveeeeed it. I like doing this i think i surly will continue to do soo.. Other things going on is shes attending her god sisters bday party . Whoop whoop! she gonna have a blast.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thee Cry'n Faces of Ellie

Ellie's Roomie!




Nighty stand

Nite Nite !

. Ellie Wellie is a SUPA! SUPA! sleeper since 2 months shes been sleeping so good now I do have a son and I tell ya he didnt sleep at night until 8 months.Ellie she not only sleeps through the night but she sleeps in her own been by 7:00pm shes dozing or out . KNOCKED! she can take multiple naps during the day as still be out. My son nope never did any of that hes at two he just got the hang of being in his own bed. Her bed routine is fairly simple bottle, bath, smiles and giggles, and to her crib. So proud of my Ellie!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What Does this Princess Eat??!

For the first two months Ellie was a breast fed baby and she did wonderful took in 4-6.5 oz every feeding. But I learned she was allergic to my milk and couldnt handle it :( sad part. So I finished her off with the milk I had pumped and mixed formula in so it wasnt wasted and she didn have too big of reaction. We did try Similac a no go couldnt handle in never kept it in. and then Enfamil she loved it ! but switched to fussiness and gass because she had both helps her gas tremendously. We did try Gerber
It was great no gas with it rarely spit up very gentle on her tummy but just chose Enfamil. She can chug a 8oz but when less hungry opts for a 5 oz

Safety 1st Grooming Kit :Pink

I had mentioned a grooming set that Ellie uses well here it is LOVE LOVE LOVE it has everything she needs for now cept I added some piggy paint baby sunscreen 1 or 2 head bands and 1 or two clippies :)

Safety 1st - 1st Grooming Kit, Pink:
  • 10-piece set
  • Fold-up nail clippers
  • 5 emery boards
  • Soft-grip hairbrush and comb
  • Spritzer bottle
  • Reversible travel case

My strands of hair on my head !

 Well, people ask me alot what do I do to her hair and put in it. They tell me how the little she has is always moisturized and healthy looking never dry or dull. Ellie was born with nice hair its just my job to keep it that way.I new at hair and all that she is my only girl! But in the begining i just used Johnson and Johnson orginal shampoo every other day because she sweats alot and it at times was oily . Buttt, couple weeks later she got cradle cap and bumps in her head which brought to my attention her head was to sensitive for that shampoo. and it seemed to irritate her scalp more. So, now I use as in my post before (love it)Johnson & Johnson shampoo and 3 in 1 conditioner. Once a week she gets her lil bit of hair shampoo'd . Every two weeks shampoo'd and conditioned .I water rinse first before I do this though. Then I pat her hair around the head and let the rest air dry which takes bought mmmmm 15 secs lol. Then I take a lil bit of olive oil and massage it in her scalp if theres some left on my fingers then I rub that in my palm and spread then get the rest of her hair if not no biggy just make sure her scalp got it. Then she gets a nice comb rarely the brush. I stick to this routine  less shes extra sweaty and even then I just water rinse.  Shes still very lil ..I had got the lil saftey first pink grooming kit love it comes with a little spritz bottle in that bottle I have water and olive oil in there just in case she gets in a pool or hair looks dry hair looks dry.  I'll stick to this for a while I want only natuarl safe products in her hair. Olive oil is the way to go for us for sure. Will be with us through the whole journey :)
When she gets a full head of hair sides in and all ill look for a lil more when she gets about 3-4 inches of hair. Right now first up is California Baby Tea Tree & Lavendar shampoo and Body Wash  and the Tea Tree and Lav. Conditioner and the Calming Hair detangler. Organic Forget Me Knot Hair Detangler. Its a Curl : Ring around the curlies leave in cream . Bee hold curly butter , Deja hair milk, Avacado Creame, and Shea moisture. My homemade oil blend a change too might add some evco dont depends whats best for my LO's hair.

Friday, July 15, 2011

JOHNSON'S® NATURAL® Kids 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash ...&

I have been using these two products for two months now and I've got to say I am very pleased. I know alot of people say how harmful these products are but I decided on my own that since they came out with their Naturals to give it a shot. In the begining I was on a search for something to help with cradle cap and that safe on my lil bumbas hair and , that was gentle enough for her skin. My bumba has sensitive skin and her cradle cap was becoming thick paste like in the middle of her hair and I didnt want anything to strip her hair of its skin and texture. It was a def. plus because I had 2 get $3 dollars off 1 product and and target they was on sale for 2 for $8 dollars and I had a get a 1dollar off  any one of their products sooooo I got these for 1.30 cents (tax added ) Whoo hooo ! so not only was it natural  but... great grab! who would pass it up!These run usually almost $3.86  a bottle  . Testing it out : I waited to use this product until the next day, that morning I water rinsed her hair and put a small tiny drop. Yes a tiny drop and let me tell you it went a long way lathered very well and coverd the whole area of head. I particulary gave extra tlc to the middle whereas thats where her cradle cap was. Pulled it right up. :) one rinse  and it was all rinsed out. The smell is very nice a simple not to much over senting . I waited until the next day to use the 3 in 1 to see results of the shampoo. The whole day her hair kept its shine less cradle cap and wasnt dry looking. The next morning I proceeded with the 3 in 1 . Same routine cept now after the shampoo I  rinsed and then applied the 3 in 1  just a drop didnt lather as much but did the job I wasnt disppointed at all. Got the same result no dry hair kept a shine and continued to remove her cradle cap. So, I will continue to use the product with my bumba I love it ! Nice reults . I would recommend it . About the product 98% natural ingrdients ..Allerfree fragrance !  

  • Paraben Free

  • Dye Free

  • No Irritating Essential Oils

  • Allergy Tested

  • Dermatologist Tested

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Naturally Low Foaming

  • They also have Head to toe fomaing body wash ,Body lotion, Kids Hand and Face foaming wash.
    Will be trying these soon ...
    Will post my review and thoughts soon!

    Check out below on ways to save on this product  !

    Summer Fun!

    Spending Time outside!!

    Thursday, July 14, 2011


    Wow! today i did alot I watch tv with my mommy n nana n papa moe. I even went outside!. Took the cutest pics. Yesterday, didnt really blog because we was very busy and Mz. Ellie went on a nice lil over nighter.. :) she had loads a fun. Rolled, coo'd, played with toys. Was such a good baby today :)

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Best thang ever!

    Soo, I had to come back and talk about this nipple. Its a Munchkin Tri-flow  you can add it to any bottle comes in standard and wide. They are BPA free and silicone nipples. Your baby gets less air and Guess what you control the flow yes you control it you got three choices slow,med,and fast theres a arrow on the side of the nipple and  all you do is turn the arrow to the flow you want.Bam! there you Go. Its customizable to your child.I So love this nipple . Best gift given. I looked up some prices so far I found it to be about $6 dollars a pack. Well, Well worth it ! trust me my lil Ellie does perfect with it.


    The was supa bright today. And so was Ellies smile. She woke in a very good mood. "Morning Ellie!" makes her smile light up a room. She such a good baby. Well new things today is drumm rollll.......she holds her bottle. I know I know big girl status. so thats really whats shes been focused on holding her bottle. MILKS UP!

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Check it out!

    When Im on my belly I push up on my knees and scoot Yay! such a b.i.g girl.. I laugh out loud even louder.(so funny) Scarey part , soon Ellie shall crawl.

    Rain, Rain Go Away

     Today started out simply beautiful. Until of course it got cloudy. And then came rain. Egh! such a droopy day yet fun. Ellie had a good time besides the rain. Smiles and giggles like always. Seems like shes growing so fast. from her strands of hair to her tiny chub toes. So pure in her own sense.
    Suprise new toy! a butterfly that she L.O.V.E.S it has all types a snoop nap gigets n pockets of fun. Shes just getting the hang of the whole "Its in my face ! Grab it!"