Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ellie Update!

Lil' Bumba has been Busy .. Whewww ! Let's Start off by say she stands on both legs . Uh huh.. BOTH and let me tell yall she using them lil' legs of hers like nothing to it. For such a little girly she makes a B.I.G mess. No eyes took off her because she will destroy! She loves food one of her favorite things to do is Eat lol. She's become very content with alot of things toys, paper, and dolls. Lemme' say it again PAPER! Paper is like the perfect thing for a lil' one to play with I mean even "Da Monster" can play for hours with just paper. The best is newspaper. Trust me NEWSPAPER. :) In the begining Bumba loved peas now no big intrest shes still kick'in it with those green beans though. Latest baby food I've made for her was Carrot-Banana Mix (Chunky) and Apples& Cinnamon ( Chunky!) This is because she likes to chew now that she has Oh My! two teefers (teeth) Excuse, my Momabonics .She does offically wave when you leave. Sooo cute!


  1. Awwww, she's getting big! (I love the term Momabonics lol I totally speak that at work sometimes, on accident ;-))