Sunday, November 13, 2011

On thee Go!

Bumba never seems to suprise me she is a very active Ma ma never stops . This ^ is a constant every min thing. She wakes up and the first thing she does is stands up I mean ppl her eyes dont even be all thee way open. If you dont quickly git her out the bed shes on the work to try and climb thee bed rails smh. And!!! forget crawlin anything this gal can pull herself up on shes doin it. ASAP lol cept crazy thing is shes lets go a lil' wobble! wobble shake it shake it! and shes down .Now, on to thee new Do's , Uh uhh's and Oh My's
-Dont leave her alone
-Dont not share your food with Bumba
-Dont not share your drink with Bumba
-Dont say no you'll get a stare lol
-Dont take a toy
-Do give her bites lol
-Do give her sips
-Do tickle her dependin on her mood might get a snort
-Do give bunny Kisses Lovesss em!
-Do Sing to her adores it!
-Dont put hair or face in her face will experience pain WARNING!
-Do Beware of where you put anything edible or un edible either way she'll try to eat it
-Dont leave her or anything not flat thee floor will become her bestie!!!
LASTLY! If her hand shall raise RUN. RUN like you've never ran before.

:) Until next time ...

1 comment:

  1. hehe My josh is just learning to crawl so I'm slowly learning this list of things ;)
    Have Fun !!