Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pinypon party !

We were chosen to do a Pinypon party and boy was we in for a suprise we recieved not only the super cool van but two and two baby dolls. These were easy to assemble and can keep the little ones going full time . Even I enjoyed these! The best part is there is endless options on how to use these and the Doll Oh My Gees blows bubbles :) All the girls and Ellie really enjoyed this!What we recieved
  • Pinypon Figures
  • Pinypon Caravans
  • Pinypon Coupons
  • Themed games and activities
  • Easy-to-make recipes
  • Two Nenuco Newborn Dolls
Yup I know cool right !!  M girl is 6  and L is 4 perfect ages to play with these and since they are so close in age it was a snap for them to play to play they had a total ball. We will be getting the rest of the set for christmas to put with the van and doll ekkk ! Also they had coupons which played great with black friday at toys r us . STEAL! These toys go by age so they really lead the way for us parents on choosing the right doll.Big thanks to Mommy parties!
Heres the first website on here you'll find games . More coupons and other contest to enter into. Please like them on facebook ! :)
 I recieved these from Momselect and these are my personal opinions. 
 I will be posting seperate post on each toy after christmas with some added pieces these will have pictures included .

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