Monday, September 26, 2011

Ellie Update.. Oh my oh my! Shes Crawl'n!

Yes! its happened Ellie is on the go she not only crawls backwards(they way she started) but, front ways and sideways. She can pull up on tables couches anything lol. Just a busy body ! Very smart baby just turning 6 mons on the 21st thats alot. Adding to it she can eat crackers with no problem and loves loves loves them and chicken bones yes chicken bones for the flavor.
Clothes shes not quite in 6-9 months yet some that are smaller she can fit. Bumba has a really small waist so pants are hard to find. My fav to put on her now is dresses with tights or cotton tights or leggings. I love cotton tights to me they go with anything and shes cute in them. I like to buy hers from childrens place or old navy either or if i find a good deal than there we go! To all the other babys HAPPY CRAWL'N!

(camera phone pic)


  1. Bless well done Ellie .. My Josh has just started goin backwards lol

  2. So cute.


  3. Kelly-Marie--- awww have fun with that lol its soo cute !

    allthingscuteandgirly-- thanks!