Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wipe Case Home Made!

I made this when Ellie was about 1 months old pretty sure of. I was in walmart and thought instead of buying I can figure this out myself and thats exactly what I did. :)
I had a coupon to Jo Anns and for Huggies wipes .75 cents off, Walmart also had a sell going on.
Jo Anns had a 50 precent off coupon off one item the glue gun ended up being like .35 .
The Huggies at target was 1.25 ended up being .50
Glue sticks at Walmart was 2.00 the fabric was 1.00 for23 in
Ribbon was .50 on sale

Items Needed:
Wipe case
Glue gun
Glue sticks

First you need to set your wipe case on the fabric trace it.Do this for both sides.
Cut out your traces they dont have to be perfect because the ribbon will cover.
So ,Now you have to pieces of fabric ,Turn on your glue gun as soon as its heated add glue at the top like a squiggly quickly place fabic on top press and smooth. **Make sure fabic is on even**
Next make sure its glued tight, apply glue one side at a time pressing firmly the fabic on all around continue to do this step until all for sides are on and dry.
REPEAT and do to the bottom of the wipe case
You should now have both fabric pieces glue down on top and bottom.
Next, You might have some stringys no problem just go around and pull any excess off. :)
Remember how I said dont worry if you cut uneven this is why now, what you do is trim any uneven parts off till it looks good all arounf if theres a corner that cant be cute just pinch and fold apply dab of glue  press and there you go.
Last steps is take ribbon measure it ALL around  apply glue one side at a time firmly pressing ribbon on sides making sure its on tight and straight.
Now in the pic you can see mine ended in the front I'd sugesst you make sure yours in ending in the back.

Hope you liked this !
Have fun ,Some many ways your can do this and decorate!


  1. aw this is SOOOO CUTE!!! i really need to make me some of these:)

  2. How cute!!! Your little girl is cute too! I'm a new follower from a blog hop and also new at blogging. I would love for you to follow me as I blog about being a mommie "again".

  3. @ precious thank you! this was the first attempt.
    @Ashley you should they are fun to make and easy
    @ Kim thank you !

  4. Very cute and it sounds so simple!! :) I'm following you now. :)

  5. Your daughter is just adorable!!!

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  6. cblumnstock- it really it is ad super cute!
    untrainedhairmom- thanks!
    nikki-- thanks so much!!!