Monday, September 5, 2011

Ellies Hair Growth & New Pics Of her!!And A Suprise!

Every week her hair has filled in more ;growing the longest by her ears. Hair length by ear is 4 in. Her top hair almost 4in the hair on sides varies. As you see she has very fine hair no thickness at all so when using Evco or Shea Butter a dot takes her a long long way.

Non-Combed hair this is the normal all over :)

Her sweet front curls LOVE them! And her Almond grey eyes so beautiful.

Her glare

Cant really see the long strands in pic right here ,you can a little they are brushed back.

The usual happy "Bumba"

Precious Baby!

If you look close.......Yup Ellies ears are pierced. She got them done yesterday. We got her the 14k gold ball. There was other options like flowers and diamonds and crowns but Daddy J and I decided that we go simple. I felt it be easier to clean and twist. Also since shes only basically 6 months I felt diamonds and crowns was a bit much. They did have birth stones that was almost a choosen thought but didnt win as you see! we decided to do them now because shes a smart smart baby and realizes things fast shes touched her ears about 5 times now so that let us know she knows they are there. Then since she does so much out fear was wait older and she'll pull them out and hurt herself or play with them. So, we felt safe to do them now. We did conversate on waiting till kinder age or her asking thats why it took us to this point to do them and not as a newborn. But, we together made the decicion to do it now. After deciding what earrings the get they wiped her ears and then marked them. Then was asked did they look ok , after it was confirmed they were good they pierced them. She did give a hard cry while she was crying they quickly did the next one.Wipped both ears again and she was done. She cried for like 10 secs and then was all smiles! In her gift bag they gave her she got a bag that says "I just got my ears pierced " "This is the best day ever look at my ears". In the bag she got 2 sheets of stickers a tattoo and a certificate. She also got her bottle of ear car which was included into the price.

Ear Care:
Antiseptic solution for the care and cleaning of pierced ears
4fl oz/118ml
Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride

When caring for your babies pierced ears use a cotton swab to clean ears when cleaning twist the earring each cleaning one complete whole turn. After babys ears are healed after a initial 4 weeks you are to continue to use ear care until gone to clean ears and earrings. You  are not to use excessively for it can hinder the healing process. If you see your babys ears swell or red around lower lobes call your childs physcian. Your baby could be developing a infection.

Note: Before piercing her doctor was asked his view and if she was ok to get them pierced also we made sure all her vaccines was up to date.

------> Also I was told dont let soap hit the ears and try to avoid water hitting for the first 48 hrs.  After the 4 weeks of healing the doctors advised to unhook and slide them Not taking them out just in case they arent fully healed and leave in for 6 months her doctor said its ok to change in 3-4 months but we'll prolly just leave them untill one cleaning them reg.

Since Yesterday she has done great with them havent even touched her ears and I've seen no irritation.


  1. Ellie is a cutie. I remember getting my daughter's ears pierced it was shortly after her 2 month shots, she did great with them.

  2. What a cutie with those gorgeous eyes! Love this baby curls, too

  3. OMGEEE!!!! She is a doll the curls are precious Chaela's hair grew the same =)

  4. Oh my gosh!! Look at that beautiful baby!!!! <3 <3 <3 GORGEOUS!

  5. she is adorable, and even cuter with her earrings :-)

  6. Thanks girls! @ dairyofahairprincess arent they so cute ! :)