Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reading Eggs Review
Reading Eggs is a online learn to read program for children. I was given the opportunity to try this with my three year old son.What we chose to do was do it as a night time activity to help wind him down some for bed.Its very easy to register and sign your child up. The whole set up of the site is great and the graphic are very eye catching and colorful. Its set up as a games with in mini games you do a lesson and play the lesson again or go to the next one.Juju's first lesson was M each mini lesson was find M,and words that start with M sound like mm mm. He understood this very well I proud to say. Proof that he can easily follow each board on his own and understand it.My thoughts on it is I enjoyed it myself and will continue to do these lessons with him at night he enjoys it and its a fun way to help him get ready for preschool. Go to and get your little one reading its so fun! Here's a screen shot of one of his lessons how cute is that! Video coming soon; Will update on Ju's reading progress at the end of the lesson he will do one each day HAPPY READING :)

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  1. is very cool. It covers maths, reading, spelling punctuation Grammar for kids aged 5 -12 and it's FREE for use in schools and at home.