Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Day!

Well,first off woke up this morning feeling still groggy Bumba&I and "Da Monster" had to go me the doctor for his surgery for his teeth next month which Amazingly! went very well cept for his hyper moments. But, besides feeling icky It was too nice of a day to be inside :) So we hopped along our destination. Todays simple yet fun times on warm nice day 1. Pet store cruising ! The kids love it soo much and we all have fun 2. Park Love just going to the park and have awesome fun! (And of course the camera tooo)3.Cooling down w/shake & Book time :) we always enjoy this time. And quite frankly I need to get on my jam on the book case project I'm think'n Grey&Mint with some Old fashion Bunnies& Lolly pop Vintage girls. So excited ! 4. Work some more on the kids books. Welp on to the rest on the day. Pictures to come!

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