Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's Here !!

     This week has been good for us we got a lot done and had bunches of fun together ! But, what happened? I'll tell ya ! The Icky cold not only got me but the whole crew egh ! But no fear we are going to knock our colds right in the face. Our menu consist of homemade soups, teas,cream of wheat, oatmeal, Fiber ,fiber ,fiber and vitamin C lots of oranges .
Menu List: Ginger Soup,creamy broth, veggie trays, orange juice,oranges,orange tea,ginger tea,bananas and more !!
Some good deals going on is a lot of stores is in season for markdowns of diapers check out Target,Marcs , Walgreen,CVS,and rite aide for groovy sales !

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