Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Twist !

Hey !! We are back up and running I have many post coming threw ! Bust start off lets talk about Bumbas' Hair . So over the weeks shes had a lots of growth. I figured it was about time to try some mini twist, I know what was I thinking Huh? No clue but seemed like a great idea at the moment . Because, Bumba wont stay still for long I did these with in 2 days.
Before I started these I will say I didn't start with pre-washed hair .I had already had her hair in medium twist so I sectioned into 4 parts and started with one section at a time. I used Bee Mine Luscious to braid with and Bee Mine Hold to seal with. No rubber bands were used as you see she developed some "curls" at the end which is Awesome ! Next week Ill be doing a vinegar rise on scalp and condition the ends with the Bee Mine Daily. I'll be doing a update soon!