Sunday, July 17, 2011

My strands of hair on my head !

 Well, people ask me alot what do I do to her hair and put in it. They tell me how the little she has is always moisturized and healthy looking never dry or dull. Ellie was born with nice hair its just my job to keep it that way.I new at hair and all that she is my only girl! But in the begining i just used Johnson and Johnson orginal shampoo every other day because she sweats alot and it at times was oily . Buttt, couple weeks later she got cradle cap and bumps in her head which brought to my attention her head was to sensitive for that shampoo. and it seemed to irritate her scalp more. So, now I use as in my post before (love it)Johnson & Johnson shampoo and 3 in 1 conditioner. Once a week she gets her lil bit of hair shampoo'd . Every two weeks shampoo'd and conditioned .I water rinse first before I do this though. Then I pat her hair around the head and let the rest air dry which takes bought mmmmm 15 secs lol. Then I take a lil bit of olive oil and massage it in her scalp if theres some left on my fingers then I rub that in my palm and spread then get the rest of her hair if not no biggy just make sure her scalp got it. Then she gets a nice comb rarely the brush. I stick to this routine  less shes extra sweaty and even then I just water rinse.  Shes still very lil ..I had got the lil saftey first pink grooming kit love it comes with a little spritz bottle in that bottle I have water and olive oil in there just in case she gets in a pool or hair looks dry hair looks dry.  I'll stick to this for a while I want only natuarl safe products in her hair. Olive oil is the way to go for us for sure. Will be with us through the whole journey :)
When she gets a full head of hair sides in and all ill look for a lil more when she gets about 3-4 inches of hair. Right now first up is California Baby Tea Tree & Lavendar shampoo and Body Wash  and the Tea Tree and Lav. Conditioner and the Calming Hair detangler. Organic Forget Me Knot Hair Detangler. Its a Curl : Ring around the curlies leave in cream . Bee hold curly butter , Deja hair milk, Avacado Creame, and Shea moisture. My homemade oil blend a change too might add some evco dont depends whats best for my LO's hair.

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