Friday, July 22, 2011

4 months yay!

Yesterday Ellie turned 4 months yes 4! So exciting .. she got aome 4 mon shopping done too what a champ she is. Shes growing up so fast shes rolling, coo'n ,trying to taste other ppls food when they arent looking.LOL and she rolling sitting unsupported drinking juice  , loving her milk and just a all round happy baby . Big ones i cant believe she holds her own bottle and has the nerve to really hold things like her toys its so cute. Also i really see a developing personality now. Love my lil ellie. To celebrate her 4 mon bday i got her a lil cup cake and she got to have a lil lick absolutely loveeeeed it. I like doing this i think i surly will continue to do soo.. Other things going on is shes attending her god sisters bday party . Whoop whoop! she gonna have a blast.

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