Thursday, July 28, 2011

Acessoriez ! :)

Ok, so today Ellie my lil bumba got new hair pieces yay ! I finally made her some :) I made her 3 head bands and a ankle band cute ! All this cost me less than 8 bucks. Thats pretty good considering what some pay for these or the price you pay in a store. The supplies needed was newspaper,scissors, nail polish, head bands, hot glue gun, and acrylic jewels. First off I picked what kind I wanted , I pulled them apart piece by piece by removing the stem part off , I then layered them the way I wanted them and one by one glued them on into the center after that was done I added my jewel and pulled off and extra strings of glue off so it was neat looking .. Then i took the heand band and put glue in the fold part  and pressed the piece on held it there and till it was dry and there ya go ! all done ! not to mention cute now the other I made was to flower ankle band that I bout 6 in of stetch band from the arts store. With this I cut a piece smaller than her ankle and wrist. I took the clear nail polish to seal ends and then hot glued the ends together thenn I just made a piece like I did for the hair piece just a small one and glued it on its cute for the wrist or ankle!...Next I will be making her some baby necklaces and bracelets :)