Sunday, July 17, 2011

What Does this Princess Eat??!

For the first two months Ellie was a breast fed baby and she did wonderful took in 4-6.5 oz every feeding. But I learned she was allergic to my milk and couldnt handle it :( sad part. So I finished her off with the milk I had pumped and mixed formula in so it wasnt wasted and she didn have too big of reaction. We did try Similac a no go couldnt handle in never kept it in. and then Enfamil she loved it ! but switched to fussiness and gass because she had both helps her gas tremendously. We did try Gerber
It was great no gas with it rarely spit up very gentle on her tummy but just chose Enfamil. She can chug a 8oz but when less hungry opts for a 5 oz

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