Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ella's Kitchen Organic Food

Here's the site take a look!

  I'm very cautious on what my baby has my Bumba's Tummy means the world to me. So, picking foods is alot to me. Took a lil' stroll to target AGAIN my favorite store! I looked at alot of options these caught my eye though.  They are called "Ellas Kitchen Organic Baby Food" these baby foods come in hip pouch packs that are squeezable, easy fit ,and they can be re-closed once opened if baby doesn't eat all of it. They are very easy to open I had no trouble opening it. Their smell is great! Not to mention I taste tested myself and they were good to me very flavorable. They have many flavors to choose from. MANY! some are Apples Apples,Pears Apples and Baby Rice,Sweet Potatoes Pumpkin Apples and Blueberries,Banana Berry Brekkie, Spinach Apples Rutabaga ,Broccoli Pears and Peas , Peach and Banana, Strawberries and Apples just name a few of them. The first one we started with is Strawberries and Apples something differnt she didnt struggle at all took it right down and loved it all SMILES! Didnt leave her gases and she didnt bring any back up so it was easy on her lil tummy. The ones mentioned is 4months and up they have different stages 6momths and up and 7 months and up and so on very easy to follow.Other products they have are smoothies in a pouch,Milk and vanilla cookies,rice , sauces for pastas and other foods. These keep serious self life you can freeze left overs within 24 hrs and do some much with it to cook your baby a nice little natural meal. Such a neat organic food and baby would love them! You can go to this link ----
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