Sunday, July 24, 2011

A's Hair (Niece) 1st Attempt..

So, yes trying to find a routine to help my nieces hair its so hard to tame. I went out today and got a couple things took a while to choose what I did. I ended up getting Herbal Essences Totally Twisted  for curls and waves Shampoo, Creme Of Nature Lemongrass & Rosemary Leave-in-Creme  Conditioner for Dehyrated Hair,Softee Mango Growth Treatment, and what I had bought for Ellie Extra Virgin Cocanut Oil.Before starting anything I put some rubber bands in Extra Virgin Olive Oil so they dont cause breakage. Then I parted her hair and patch by patch distributed the Totally Twisted shampoo in by using my fingertips on her scalp. Then a cup washed it out so I wasnt rubbing her hair it tends to fall out and break easy. After all rinsed I pat her hair and squeeze. No rubbing.  I then applied the coconut oil beginging base to little bit half a inch above the ends. Then I took the Mango Treat. And finger tipped it into her scalp gently. Lastly I applied the Leave in a generous amout bc her hair soaks up everything.Finger combing out any types a kinks. I only used the pick and comb to part and spread the ends. After all this I just threw up a quick style . Small pony in front into two two trand twist. Two piggies and then hair on each piggy twisted into lil two strand twist. One puff ball pony  and two small french braids in back going down. Some acessories prolly would of made a better look but over all loved these products so did the "Nana". They all had lovely smells and her hair looked very hydrated lil more laid down  and less kinks.

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