Sunday, August 14, 2011

Continuing of Angel Mine Products..

So , As ppl know I like to tr diffent affordable products ones that wont  break you and are quick to access. Well I have been testing  out Angel of mine products on Bumba. She has very sensitve skin breaks out too easy and can easily have a break out with in 15 secs of a bath. Now , I got these first at her baby shower I waited a while to use the lotion because of her sensitive skin I thought it wouldnt come out great . But I have been completely wrong every product I've tried on her has done great!. First I tried was the baby lotion with vitamin e and aloe vera , now we have tried the baby wash with camomile and  bedtime baby cream with lavender vitamin a,b5, and e . So like I usually do I proceed with a bath I opened the camomile it has a very settle smell , mild just like it states on the bottle  and I can smell a hints on camomile when I smelled it. Two squrts on her rag did the trick it lathers but not a thick lather.  I washed her from head to toe No break outs it bubbles easily too. I then water washed her hair and then a penny size of Angel Mine shampoo  with camomile and it lathered her hair smelled nice and rinsed out very easily for me. I removed her from the bath and patted her dry and I did not touch her hair at all I let it air dry.I applied the bedtime cream not as thick as her other ones dont really smell like lav to me but still a pleasent smell and the smell lingered till the next day. Ive got to say I was impressed her hair smelled nice dried with a shine and blew with the wind lol... Her head didnt break out either great thing so this is a keeper. I will now buy the whole set because ellie does very well with this other babys I'm not sure but ellie we've found a alternative brand for her body and hair.

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