Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Pops!

Popcicle Molds
Organic Banana Extract
Organic Baby Apple Juice or Organic Baby Orange Meldoy Juice
Organic Orginal Yogurt
Popcicle mold you can get anywhere for less than 2 dollars mine was 1.34
and they come with plastic sticks.
Cut up bananas and strawberries add to blender blend on high speed! add 1/3 of yogurt 1/2 cup of juice 1 teaspoon of banana extract blend together until smooth less its for toddler and you want chuncks its how juju (3yrs old) eats them. Pour into molds let freeze for at least 3-4 hrs. To removed sit in a bowl of hot water and pop them out . I put Bumbas in the baby food strainer when hot loves them .. I do too and my son a go for 3rds!

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