Monday, August 29, 2011

Its another Snack recipe & A easy lunch reciepe!

So, before I told recipes more baby baby well heres some different ones I did for "Da Monster"

Crazy Munch Mix

What you will need:
1. Two bowls
2. Spoon
3. Wisk
4. Plastic wrap


1. powder sugar
2. 2 hershey bars
3. Your choice of dried fruit(we always put raisins)
4. Chex mix
5. almonds

First, take your dried fruit,almonds,and chex mix & mix in big bowl  set aside. Next, put chocolate bars in micowave for about 40secs depending on micowave. Wisk &quickly pour onto dry mix. Soon after shake you desired amount of powdered sugar stir to make sure all is covered like you want it. Then put plastic wrap on bowl and let set for a while. Enjoy !

Cheesy Cheesy Diced Potatoes

What you will need:
1. Spoon
2. Small pan (like a sauce pan)

1. Lifes Best spread
2. pepper
3. Cheese (i perfer Bordens)
4. Canned diced potatoes

First , heat skillet on medium add spoon of spread (sm spoon) let it melt some. Open can of potatoes pour into small pan  stir in with spread. Add a little of pepper and two slices of cheese by tearing the cheese in strips an laying works best .Reduce heat to low and stir letting the cheese to melt. Cut of let sit 1 min and there you go "Da Monster" loves this specially with rice and broc.

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