Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vitamin E oil

So I purchased some vitamin E oil from my local dollar store. Which I was amazed to see it there because the one here usually has nothing .. On the bottle it says Suggested use: Apply by smoothing directly  to the desired area. Contains 4,000 units on vitamin E oil the ingredients: soybean oil, vitamin e ,coconut oil.  It comes in a 4 oz bottle. cost me roughly 3 bucks. First, after I gave ellie a bath I patted her dry then I applied the oil on her body  massaging it in paying extra attention to her neck, thighs, feet. Now, a lil goes a long way i hand poured about a quater size way too much. I had to do extra massaging in she enjoyed though :)... There is no smell :(  So , this was a good buy for the price but that night I took some shea butter and cocoa butter and the vitamin e oil blended together and  a teaspoon of her oil mixture. RECAP 2 tblsp of sheabutter 2 tblsp cocoa butter  teaspoon of vitamin E oil and teaspoon of her oil mixture blended together till smooth. I put it in these little pink travel containers with a lid it holds about 2 oz can fit in bag or purse. Now, after the next day repeated with another bath and massaged her with the mix loved it nice and creamy not gritty and two smells I love in one that morning I didnt even have to lotion her.. PLUS!

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  1. Sounds like a good mixture :) and sounds so soothing I bet she enjoyed it!