Friday, August 26, 2011

0-6 months hair style styles

Since lil Bumba been born shes only had so much hair on her widdle head :) But, its some thing sometimes more than some other lil ones. I really dont mind that she dont got a head full full of hair . Love it the way it is. Her styles have been simple .. Slicked back with a head band , slicked back swoop in the front, 1 pony , 1 pony w/swoop, 2 piggies w/swoop, curly in middle headband w/swoop , just curly , and 3 squiggly  ponies ...(and i mean squiggly)..She do have her free all messy day hair all over ....priceless... When
i do these styles typically i dont use anything to hold it less I'm doing a swoop then I'll spray a lil oil mix on that piece and slick it. I dont buy baby head bands really i perfer the reg kind stretchy so nothing breaks her edges. I use the cloth bands no rubber bands yet. I do sometimes before i put a pony in right where its gonna be apply some oil so its conditioned in that area and less tension on that area. When I do start to use rubber bands when she gets older and more hair I will be doing the soak them over night in olive oil to prevent breakage.  But, thats all the styles she has for now until more hair comes around.. until then we love our styles now.

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