Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hair Carez

 Right, now Bumba hair care is simple same like before almost cept now I  mix Sauve Professionals: Almonds+Shea Butter Conditoner and Johnson's Natural Kids 3 in 1 with EVCO I water rinse her hair and then apply the mix on her hair while im washing her up and playin Catch the Bubs. Then after wash up and play I rinse out her hair and let air dry. That's it nothing else I dont apply nothing to her hair or anything. Now her hair dont dry out and her natural oils in her hair keeps her hair moiturized. I havent put no oils in her hair for weeks. Only if she gets in water in going in the sun. I apply her oil mixture.  If she has a dry patch I apply mango butter with sunflower oil and EVCO to just that spot. This works soo well for us. I love the suave conditioner!!!!

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