Monday, August 8, 2011

Buzy Mama !

Ellie has been a busy lil mama ! shes such a good baby.. Updates are her middle hair is beasty like really lol .. the side well, they slacking. Now , new things shes crawling !!! funny thing is its backwards lol. Shes really gitting in to foods.  Her fav right now in fresh bananas and barley. Her first recipe she tried is Avacado and bananas. Heres how you make it you need 1 avacado 1 banana and rice milk. So, again thats 1. Avacado 2. Banana 3. Organic Rice Milk ............First, you slice your banana and place them spreaded in a chopper or blender either or works .. next avacado slice open de pit it and scoop it into the chopper..then take a teaspoon of rice milk and add it then just blend together until smooth. Now, I didnt blend it smooth smooth bc Bumba perfers texture. Smell great .. taste good.. and best of all bumba loved it! I only gave her 3 big spoons of it the rest a packed and froze this should make up to 4 -6 feedings depending on how much is eatin. Now a trick i been doing is freeze her made food in breast milk bags!

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