Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bumbas Pickz!

Two favz right now got to be her lil' on the go hair bottle which contains her oil mix. The biggy her head bands.. Now every other day since its been so hot in the morn and nite she gets a whole head spritz or her oil mix and then I comb it in. Theres no smell to her mix for now but in the near future I'll add like peppermint or some rosemary prolly for scent. I pick these head bands bc they are so stretchy and loose on her head her side hairs and very fine so too tight and it cuts on them and I dont want her lil' hairs damaged so even tho these are for bigger peoples lol Bumba sports them. I do use the other kind to like in her pics of head bands I made. These are also the perfect pick for her headbands I make for her this way she grows with them. :) These dont leave marks on her much shes already red so just her normal red spots lol. This bottle came in her awesome grooming bag !

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